Automate sales & support customer engagements by up to 80%

During pandemic, use Chatbot as customer facing staffs. Human agent can focus on other value creation tasks instead of answering repetitive questions

Chatbots & automation tools for your customers & agents

Free Bot POC

  • You don’t need to have data scientist
  • LiveHelp100 customer success team will train the bot for you based on your business
  • LiveHelp100 team will help you integrate with your website, your customer account system, your billing tool and CRM

Improve your customer satisfaction

  • A well-trained bot can give accurate and professional answers
  • You can provide 24 * 7 support easily
  • LiveHelp100 is able to answer sales, support, billing and account-based questions

Tango between bot and human agent

  • Chat bot can answer questions without human agent
  • Human agent can delegate a task to bot
  • Bot can notify agents, ask agents to monitor a chat or transfer a chat to an agent automatically based on your business setting
  • When an agent is chatting with a customer, LiveHelp100 can provide answer options and learn from the option that is selected by an agent

Multiple language support

  • English
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • And many more…