360-degree insight of team and customer

Comprehensive & multi-angle reports

You can view your reports based on time, agent, department, campaign, and other angles

Live Chat Reports

Real Time

Shows real-time live chat data and an overview of today’s chat performance

Chat Volume

Shows the volume of accepted, missed, and refused chats

Wait Time

Shows how long visitors waited in the queue before they were answered


Shows visitor actions while waiting in the queue

Offline Message

Shows source details of offline messages


Shows the volume of agents’ work

Agent Performance

Shows the overall performance of agents in terms of workload, efficiency


Shows agent responsiveness to visitor chat requests and chat messages


Shows how visitors rated agents’ service through the Post-Chat survey

Pre-Chat Survey

Shows the statistics of Pre-Chat survey questions

Post-Chat Survey

Shows detailed statistics on Post-Chat survey questions

Chat Source

Shows details of how chat requests were initiated

Manual Invitation

Shows the usage of manual invitations sent by agents as well as the acceptance rate of these invites

Auto Invitation

Shows the total trigger times of auto invitations as well as the acceptance rate of these invites


Shows the number of co-browsing requests/sessions, total & average duration of the session

Chat Transfer

Shows how many chats were transferred to another agent or department


Shows categorizations of chats and the wrap-up completion rate


Shows all achieved conversions, total conversion value, and conversion rate

Chatbot Reports


Shows a 7-day overview of Bot performance


Shows the performance and visitor satisfaction of your Chatbot

Bot & Agent

Shows the comparison between Chatbots and agents


Shows the number of high confidence answers, possible answers, and no answers Chatbot returned

High Confidence Answers

Shows the number of helpful and not helpful visitor ratings on the high confidence answers Chatbot returned

Chat & Tickets

Shows the number of resolved and unresolved Bot chats, social conversations, and total Bot chat time

Omnichannel Reports

Real Time

Shows the real-time overview of today’s Omnichannel data


Shows agent responsiveness to the conversations


Shows details of where the tickets are from


Shows the volume of created, closed, replied, reopened, and open tickets


Gives you an overview of how your SLA policy is being followed

Global Reports


Shows agents’ online time and agent statuses used

Canned Message

Shows the usage of canned messages