The best live chat in the market

LiveHelp100 Live Chat enables you to chat with your website visitors in real time, convert more visitors into customers and improve your customer satisfaction

Customer Testimonials

The livechat system is easy to use and all data can be searched conveniently by checking the control panel. It is also convenient in sending out marketing ads. The categories in the Report functionality is organized and complete; it is suitable for different types of data analysis purpose.


Manager, Technical Support


Highly available so you don’t need a backup provider to save you cost

It is a common practice that businesses use a provider as a main one and another one as a backup.

With LiveHelp100, you don’t need to do that.
LiveHelp100 system is high available. Up time of 99.96% is guaranteed

This can greatly reduce your operation and training cost

Improve your customer satisfaction

  • Answer customers’ questions in real time
  • With SSO (Single Sign On), LiveHelp100 integrates with your account system so you can know who a customer is and provide personalized support
  • Use files, screen shots or images to solve your customers’ problems faster
  • Use a post-chat survey to measure your customer satisfaction and identify areas that need improvement

Convert website visitors to customers

  • See who is on your website, where they come from, which pages they are looking at
  • Identify visitors with high buyer intent and proactively invite them to a live chat
  • Use a pre-chat survey to collect emails from your website visitors and better understand their intents

Integrate with other system

  • Chat bot
  • Telegram
  • CRM, including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • Many more