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For individual and referral partners

  • You only need to refer potential customers to us
  • LiveHelp100 takes care of sales and service
  • You own commission

For reseller, integration and white label partners

Improve your customer retention rate. The more capabilities your customers have from you, the less likely they will churn

Higher customer value. By integrating your system together with LIveHelp100 system, we can offer greater ease-of-use and more powerful capabilities for your customers

No need for your customers to do anything to integrate with a live chat and customer communication solution

Customer account integration. Through SSO, after your customers’ visitors log into their accounts, your customers can provide personalized account-based service for them

A perfect anti-hijack and domain block solution. By working with LiveHelp100 API, your system can programmatically generate new domains and URLs for customers’ visitors after a period of time

Increase your profitability by owning up to 40% commission rate

You can choose to have your own brand