Why LiveHelp100?

Because we understand your business and your challenges

The best live chat product in the market

  • 12 years of history
  • Hundreds of thousands of customers
  • Up time of 99.99% is guaranteed


  • Automate 80% of your sales and support inquires
  • Free POC currently available
  • NLP

Functionalities are great, the interface is pleasing to the eyes and very easy to use. We can feel all the hardwork and effort of the entire team. Customer service also responded quickly to our queries.


VP, Customer Success

Philippine based office

  • Office based in downtown Manila
  • We speak English, Chinese and Filipino

China network connectivity (Server speed)

  • Global network accelerator
  • Global CDN
  • Fast connection with China Telecom, China Mobile and China Union

Server Stability

  • Guaranteed 99.99% availability
  • No need to have a secondary provider

Anti domain-hijacking and browser block

  • URL encryption
  • Multiple domain names for each customer

Anti Attack

  • Your system will not be down because of a DDOS attack
  • Battle proven DDOS mitigation system
  • AI based attack detection system and automatic IP gray list and blacklist management

Disaster Recovery Plan

  • ISO 27001 certified disaster recovery plan
  • Fast recovery under disaster

Customer Success

  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Professional customer training and onboarding
  • Regular checking and consultation service